Values, Mission and Vision

At BoPil, our Mission is that animals and humans provide and thrive optimally.

We believe that with our Values ​​on the right care, feeding and management our customers, partners and ourselves achieve the best financial return, great satisfaction, good morals and good karma.
Our Vision is to improve cost productivity, get a higher profit from new market opportunities and gain a higher value of our brand through competent, energetic and loyal employees.

In connection with our mission, values ​​and vision, we have set the following Objectives:
We will strengthen the social impact of our products and services
And through it also strengthen our environmental sustainability, and reduce negative impact on society and the environment

We live and breathe animal performance and welfare, therefore - animal performance - in the BoPil logo. However, animals can best perform optimally if the people around them are also benefiting. Therefore, our customers, suppliers, partners, the outside world and our employees are included in the same mission, values ​​and vision.

We provide long-lasting solutions - technical, trend and legislative. We strive not to be complacent, but positively forward-thinking and clearly express our opinions. We prioritize long-term stability so that our outside world can always count on us.

A warm welcome to the BoPil group - as a customer, supplier, partner and colleague

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We do pig production far more effective
Our vision is to produce efficient and intelligent feed and housing systems that is easy to operate, reduces work pressure and create a positive bottom line result. That is why we also develop our solutions in collaboration with our talented customers.

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