BoPil SpotFish

Feeding facility for aquaculture

Primary module
Weighing, mixing and feeding system.

Ca. 500kg / hour.
Depending on number of feeding sites, timing and quality and general feeding strategy.
Each system is custom made.

Pipe System
All pipes are made of stainless steel, Ø50 mm.
The rotary distributor has six outputs.
All bends are round to get the best distribution of the feed.
The central fan has frequency control for optimized distribution of the feed. .

IT Overview
This screen provides a complete graphical overview of active components and which tanks are currently being fed.
All other parameters can be switched from the main overview.

Every professional production needs current and past data to evaluate performance and to identify relevant production issues.
SpotFish provides all this information in terms of both production and finance.

Feed curves
Feed curves for a number of feed ingredients are ready in the program.
You can also add your own feed baskets based on experience from your own production.

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