AQUA Product Line

Our products and partners need to fulfill our mission: that animals and people thrive and perform optimally. The goal is that our products and advice will ensure that you optimize caring, feeding, nutrition and management in your poultry business and get the best economic return and big joy in your work.

We product-develop and corporate with partners and advisors from many different countries. All of our partners have been chosen through demands of quality and to be able to quickly predict customer needs and changes in the conditions under which today’s fish farmers exist.
We are ready with advice, good ideas and reliable solutions for you, and we help you through your project from beginning to end. BoPil makes 2- as well as 3-dimensional drawings and sketches, which gives a very detailed overlook of your project. We deliver solutions to both large and smaller projects.

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Our most important mission is to have satisfied customers.
That's why we make a great deal of having a good dialogue with our customers
- both before, during and after a project, in order to ensure the customer
the best possible solution that fits the needs of the individual.
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